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This was our delicious Cuban.
As Courtnnie and I were waiting on some friends to join us for drinks we stopped by a new place to eat. Go figure right! More food. Yeah and on that note my diet is working pretty well considering I’ve lost 10 lbs in three weeks and I’m getting some muscle tone going. Woo Hoo. Okay tangent.

Food. Courtnnie. Friday. And we’re back. So we stopped by this new place called Broadway Deli & Café. Wholly amazing goodness wrapped up in a great atmosphere, awesome owner and some even more amazing Cubans (the food not the people). I must remember to take my father here for a Cuban after a long day of helping me fix some plumbing and yard stuff (mens' work). We walk in and we’re greeted by the owner who asks us “what do you feel like eating because I’ll make you anything”. Tangent coming… NEVER tell me that you will make me ANYTHING because I definitely put you to the test. My tastes often vary like a screaming toddler at Ben & Jerry’s for the first time. Since this is a deli place I shoot from the hip and go for the most odd ball thing I felt like at the time. “Chocolate Chip pancakes mmmmm” I said. “You GOT IT”. I’m sorry come again? What?

That’s right had I let myself indulge in some chocolate chip pancakes and a hangover from hell he would have made them for me. Apparently Keith (the owner) feels that everything that can be dipped in chocolate should be dipped in chocolate and he actually has chocolate chip pancakes on the morning menu. Good man!

I didn't eat this. Some guy let me take a picture of it.
Needless to say I had already had a few samples of wine from the wine tasting that we were experiencing before the night of drinking with friends so I opted for something a little more wholesome. A Cuban. Yum. Since Courtnnie and I knew that we’d be drinking we ended up splitting one but both of us loved it so much we came back the next day for another one. See what happens when you get two girls excited about food and giving us whatever we want. Geez and I thought a man’s stomach was the way to his heart. Take notes boys.

This place is filled with amazing sandwiches, fresh fish, salads, and more. It’s clean and cheerful inside with some beautiful photographs by a local artist. It’s fits right into the look and feel of Dunedin shops. Outside you can enjoy the patio with your friends or pets or smoking buddies or whatever. I’ll be the one manhandling the Cubans inside while watching the artsy folk paint pottery next door. It looks so tedious all that painting of pottery.

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Jessica-Leigh Austin
06/14/2011 10:53am

On your invitation I enjoyed a scrumptious lunch here! I had a Turkey Club that was the perfect proportion of meat (which in my humble opinion can be over kill).

When I took my Mom back for breakfast a couple weeks later, we had the same amazingly upbeat sever and once again the food was perfect!

You are right about one thing for sure, they definitely have an outstanding level of customer service here...topped off with great food!


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