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There is a special place in my stomach I mean heart for sweets, especially baked goods. As my girlfriend Courtnnie and I were on our way to visit some yard sales we ended up changing our path and headed straight for "Mmmm Delicious Cupcakes".  It's the new local cupcakery in the Tarpon Springs/ Palm Harbor area.

The sweet smell permeates the sidewalk just before entering the adorable storefront and kitchen. Once we stepped foot in the delightful shop we were greeted by two very friendly sisters who were so excited to show us all that they can do with their skills. Courtnnie's eyes beamed with delight as she looked in the glass case and asked about every flavor. Each one sounding more tasty then the next. Distracted by all the beautiful colors in the place I had to take picture with my Droid.

Courtnnie finally decided on the S'mores cupcake while I decided on a whipped topping somewhat plain cupcake flavor called wedding cake. I can assure you it's anything but plain. Sweet and sugary and filled with almond flavored cake this cupcake was the right choice for a sugar hound like myself. The S'more on the other hand had just the right touch of sweet and savory. The cocoa had just the right amount of bitterness that allowed you to enjoy the little bits of chocolate pieces within the cake itself. Not to mention the marshmellow fluff inside the cake and graham cracker crust at the bottom. Holy goodness!

I've promised myself that I would only stop in this local delight once a week. Since I can't imagine these two fun loving sisters have come up with a cupcake that can make you skinny, I will only be able to try one at a time. Until next Saturday when we are out yard saling again will we be able to stop in and try another flavor that we'll call our favorite.

If you're looking to check this company out you can find their website here...

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03/13/2011 1:59pm

Thank you so much for your sweet comments! We loved meeting and chatting with you. Can't wait to see you again next week!!!


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