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Who would have thought that this would be a surprising delight. I was in the mood for meatballs or something hearty and yet Lemongrass Asian Bistro looked cute and possibly tasty. I was right.

When I walked in I felt that it was kind of small, but it had an Asian home/family kind of feel to it. People were nestled up with pillows next to them on the cushioned benches or they were enjoying a quaint little table for two by the window. The decor was simple and not all that fresh, but the colors were modern and the place settings made this place feel a bit more fancy.

I was immediately seated at a table for one on a cushioned bench with a couple pillows to relax on. The waitress waited for me to get off the phone before asking me for my drink order. I try not to be on the phone when walking into a place but sometimes you just can't help it. Most places just interrupt because they feel that it's rude to be on the phone (as I do agree, I appreciate it more if they give me second to handle my business). This waitress was very understanding about it.

After looking through this menu I knew that if I'm planning on staying in this area for a week then I am going to have to come back to this place. There was so much to choose from on the menu I could hardly decide what type of food I wanted. They had a Thai, Sushi, Salads and tons of different noodles and soups made in several different ways. I wanted to try some of their gyoza so I ordered that for an appetizer along with the red curry with chicken for dinner. The first thing that came was my house salad that had ginger dressing on it. Honestly this was the best ginger dressing I've ever had. When the gyoza came and it had a side of shredded carrots as a garnish I almost poured the dressing all over it, but the bus boy picked up my empty salad bowl as soon as I put the fork down. Granted he did ask me if I was finished, but I didn't want to look pathetic grabbing it and pouring the dressing on what was meant to be a garnish.

The gyoza was very tasty and it was cooked perfectly. It was hot and crispy with soft fresh ingredients inside. I wasn't a fan of the sauce because it had an unusual taste unlike any other Asian sauce that I've had. When my red curry and chicken came out I was so pleased with the amount of veggies in it. The portion or red curry and chicken was huge compared to the small scoop of rice that they give you. I also really didn't like the smell of the meal compared to other red curry dishes that I've had in the past. The flavor was amazing though and it made everything worth it. The chicken was tender and the veggies were fresh and slightly crunchy giving the whole dish some great texture.

Hopefully next time I go to Lemongrass Asian Bistro I'll get a chance to try some of the sushi that I hear is incredible. Everyone raves about the lobster roll, but I wasn't in the mood for sushi this evening. After enjoying that salad so much I'm positive that I'll be back to have more and a roll of sushi with it.

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