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I was a little pessimistic about trying out this restaurant especially after all the blog reviews on it. There were so many bad ones with all the same type of comments "too expensive", "the food wasn't good" and "the service sucked". Needless to say I was nervous to even try Eggstyle because of these reviews, but my friend was adamant about having me try it.

We ended up going on a weekday which kind of gave Eggstyle a fair shot of impressing us with their food. Although I agree that food should be good at any time that you visit, breakfast is one of the hardest meals to make when there are extremely hungry people in line on a busy weekend morning. This being said the place was almost empty. Aside from two tables that were both almost finished with their meals we were the only ones being seated. We didn't have to wait at all and the waiter was extremely pleasant.

While getting a quick walk through as we were being seated I noticed that they had a juice bar to my left with two top tables for those that are just getting a quick bite and there was a full seated restaurant area ahead. We were seated at a booth near the kitchen and immediately our waiter got our drink order. Looking around I noticed that everything was bright and cheerful. Eggs were definitely a theme in this restaurant, not by egg decor rather the color of eggs and other breakfast foods. The restaurant was very well lit and it gave the appearance of a posh restaurant while still maintaining the family breakfast atmosphere. It was really nicely decorated and very clean.

While my friend had her order already at the tip of her tongue I had to glance at the menu and choose something in fear she might stab me with a fork unless I chose quickly. (I'm kidding, she just really likes this place). I was surprised to see all the amazing foods that they had to offer. Nothing was ordinary and each item had a unique twist. One item that stood out for me was the Pears and Brie Blintz. While it's described as being a crepe with fresh pears and brie I was surprised to find that it was covered in a delicious caramel and confection sugar topping. At the time I was ordering it I was watching my diet and trying to be a little bit good. However, once this masterpiece came out my diet went out the window and I almost didn't even take a picture of it because I wanted a bite so badly. My girlfriend ordered the Sandwich Surprise which even the waiter knew what she was going to order because she had been there before. This sandwich was described as Egg, Ham, Swiss Cheese French Toast sandwich dipped in their batter and topped with fresh fruits and English Cream. (Stating the obvious, this would be an item I KNOW wouldn't make my diet list). Not only did this item look amazing it tasted better then you could imagine. One of the reasons why this friend and I call ourselves friends is because we can share food without even asking. My fork was on her plate and hers on mine as soon as I put the camera down. My pears and brie crepe tasted fresh and hearty with a bit of sweet flavor due to the diet damaging toppings that were to die for. Her French Toast sandwich had so many flavors going on it was hard to determine what part I liked the most.

Although many reviews marked this restaurant as a disgusting mess I would challenge any other breakfast restaurant to come up with these amazingly flavorful dishes. How hard is it to put a spin on crepes or a Monte Cristo recipe? I realize that everyone is entitled to their opinion (and we all know that I've had my fair share of bad opinions), but seriously this place needs to be given a second chance for those that didn't like it the first time. A good breakfast restaurant is going to be a little more expensive because each dish is a masterpiece and not a precooked production house like many of the breakfast houses out there.

This restaurant is going on the Best Served list on my blog. I would gladly go back to this restaurant and wait in line if I had to. You can find more of their amazing food selections here on their menu.

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