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My new fiancé and I decided to take a break from the daily grind and we checked out Leo’s Italian Grille. This restaurant has been so many things in the past, but I think this might be a winner. From the moment you see the building you’re greeted with cheerful yet muted colors on the walls of the building. Stepping inside there is a host with a smile on her face standing behind a beautiful stone and marble counter. From the dungeon that this place used to be you can tell that this new restaurant is looking to impress and to satisfy their customers.

Once we were handed off to our waiter we were seated in a huge booth which actually made it a little more romantic. We were able to sit next to each other and see the whole restaurant in front of us. Everything was colorful, well lit, clean and professionally decorated. The colors are very Italian with reds, oranges, greens and brown accents. This would be a great place to celebrate something. I could see that it would be family friendly, but because of the open room seating it could possibly get a little loud. While we were there we noticed that they have a stage, so we asked Jose (our waiter) what they use it for. On Friday and Saturday nights they use the stage for bands which he swears by. He said that this is the place to be on a Saturday night.

Now for the food. Sven and I came with very empty almost angry stomachs. While looking over the menu Jose brought us three large size loaves of bread with olive oil. We immediately ordered the calamari for an appetizer since we couldn’t handle waiting too long for our food. While that was being made we looked over the menu thoroughly. On their appetizer list you can find items such as calamari, bruschetta and fried mushrooms. There was more to choose from, but those are what I remember. On the entrée side they had Fettuccini Alfredo with shrimp, chicken, veal and Florentine or you can choose to do your Alfredo with tortellini instead. They had eggplant rollatini, meatballs, pizza and even a kids menu. Their dessert menu was half a page long with items like zeppole, Tiramisu, chocolate cake and much more.

When the calamari came out we pretty much had our forks in our hands waiting for the plate to hit the table. Aside from needing some seasoning the calamari was fresh and cooked perfectly. It came with a large bowl of marinara which worked perfectly for the calamari and all the bread that they gave us. Our salads were good, but our main complaint was the Caesar salad had rock hard croutons on it. The portions were good, the dressing was great, but the croutons were almost too hard to bite into.

When our meals came out they looked and tasted delicious. By this time we were almost completely full which was a shame because these were hefty portions of food. When Sven’s tortellini Alfredo and chicken came out you could smell the garlic which was amazing. My lobster ravioli came out looking beautiful and tasted even better. There was plenty of sauce on it and even though I didn’t check I think it came with about 6 healthy sized raviolis. I could only eat two at the point of over stuffing myself. Sven only made it through a quarter of his meal because of how full we had gotten off our salad and calamari. The flavors were there, the freshness was there and the service was excellent. Jose was phenomenal and he was fun to have as a waiter.

Later I asked for a tour around the place and I could see that their bar was very stylish and sophisticated; they had a party room off to the side which would work perfectly for a wedding reception or private party. They even had seating outside on a patio for those that want to enjoy a dinner outside. The only drawback to the patio is it’s in the front of the restaurant which is right off of 19N. That being said the highway there keeps it very loud and not as interesting as sitting inside with the Italian décor.

I would definitely suggest eating at Leo’s. I can’t wait to go back again on a Friday or Saturday night when they have live entertainment. This time I’ll make sure to share a meal with my fiancé and maybe even a dessert.

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06/21/2013 7:51am

Glad that I have landed on your page. It is really good to sit in a restaurant with no one sitting with you. I have heard that the restaurant has a silent ambiance and a sense of meditation occurs. I am planning to make a visit there but do not know about the main foodie places. How about Leo’s Italian grille?. Regards


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