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It's a good thing that Florida has a lot of amazing food choices in the area, because I would not put Chopsticks Super Buffet on the list of places to go back a second or third time. The more you go the worse it gets.

A few months ago when Chopsticks opened I was so excited to have a super buffet in the area that I went within the first week of them opening. The display was amazing and the place has been decorated in style. This location has been many different restaurants with little success, but this is the first time the decor actually matches the space. I was impressed by the decor and the hostess at the front that I left that cloud my judgement. The first time I went I tried numerous items and I was happily pleased with a full belly and decent service. We were seated right next to the service station where all the waitresses stand, so our drinks were always full and our plates were always removed immediately after we were finished.

I remember the sushi section being filled with choices and always clean looking. The sushi was definitely not amazing, but it was decent enough to try different kinds that I have never tried before. They had numerous choices of rice, noodles and soup. Since I normally just stick to fried rice I decided to try the noodles instead. The fried (brown noodles) were good, but very greasy. The white noodles tasted like something that Ramin could have made (although no one can beat Ramin). They had a huge selection of chicken to choose from and most of it was good. Overall I kept thinking this was a good place to eat especially for the lunch pricing. Then my friend came back from the bathroom with a look of disgust on her face. She sat down and told me that while she was in there our waitress had used the restroom and started to walk out of the bathroom without washing her hands. My friend immediately grabbed the waitress and asked her to wash her hands before entering the dining area again. I'm so proud of her for that! Apparently the waitress was extremely embarrassed, but she immediately mentioned that she was going to wash her hands in the back. You would think after hearing this story I would declined to come back here again, but the idea of all you can eat sushi weighs on your mind at weak moments.

The second time I went with Sven after a long morning of yard saling. We were starving and I couldn't wait for him to try some of the different types of sushi. Where else are you going to get to try all types of sushi for under $10.00? He was as shocked as I was the first time with the amount of sushi and food to choose from. We quickly realized after getting up to the buffet that while things were hot the buffet didn't look as clean. Maybe it's because we went on a Saturday and the first time I went it was on a Thursday. The amount of workers were the same and the funny thing was there were more people on the Thursday afternoon that I went, so clearly Saturday should have been a piece of cake. After sitting down with a plate of food with numerous choices from both of us for the sake of doing this review we realized quickly the food wasn't all that great. The cooked salmon was cooked well, but didn't taste great. The fried rice didn't taste like normal fried rice (it didn't taste good at all). The chicken selection may be large but you'll notice that the fried coconut chicken, black pepper chicken and general tso chicken dishes are so heavily coated I don't even know if there's chicken in there. The peanut chicken and wings are probably the best chicken dishes on the buffet. Both being flavorful and only having a light coating that is fried.

When we got to the sushi section Sven and I had a great time going over each piece to make sure that he wasn't going to eat anything with fish eggs (god forbid lol). The sushi section wasn't as filled as it was the first time and this time it was really messy. When we sat down to eat our sushi I realized that our waitress hadn't been back to take our plates and I was out of a drink. Neither of us could seem to get the waitress's attention to get another drink. So we started trying out our sushi while we waited for the waitress. The first piece was just a simple California roll which was fine. The second was a Salmon roll which we weren't able to swallow. Looking over at Sven I realized he didn't know WHAT to do with this roll that was inedible and still in his mouth. I think that was the first time since I was 10 that I actually grabbed a napkin and spit out my food. Immediately after I spit mine out Sven was doing the same and being extremely thankful that I did it first. The Salmon had been on the buffet for too long and it didn't taste right at all. After that we were very nervous to try anymore of the sushi. At that point I hunted down my waitress for a refill because I couldn't even think to have anything else until I had washed my mouth out.

After the incident of terrible sushi we waited a while to hit the dessert section. You really can't go too wrong with a dessert section so I'm not going to waste my time on this. Instead I am going to go through a list of items to stay far away from at the Chopsticks Super Buffet.
1. Fried Rice and white noodles
2. Check the temperature of your sushi
3. Vegetable stick (I can't explain the horror of eating this item)
4. Any of the fried bits of chicken
5. Fried Zucchini (which by the way I normally LOVE at any other place)

I'm usually someone who loves food and I have trouble saying I wouldn't go back there, but in this case I'm finished. The idea of all you can eat sushi will not cloud my judgement any longer.

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