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__The wait staff was pleasant from the beginning and they were able to accommodate us on short notice for a party of nine. The décor is very unique with an almost Indonesian style which is very intimate and warm. The lights are low and candles are placed on each table giving that romantic feel. The feeling of class begins at the doorway and follows through with their delectable menu.

Since The Living Room is a tapas style restaurant we thought it would work out best to order several small menu items and share with the table. We ordered items such as the Pane Bianco, Stuffed Portobello, Marbled Potatoes au Gratin, Braised Pork Shanks with Artichoke Ragu, Sautéed Haricot Verts and the Carciofo al Forno. If you look at their menu you can understand a little more about each of these items. As a table we enjoyed the Stuffed Portobello and Marbled Potatoes au Gratin the best. Both of these items were seasoned to perfection with bold flavors and a fresh from the garden feel. Very easily shared although you’ll wish you didn’t have to. The Carciofo al Forno was mainly artichokes with seasonings and cheese. It wasn’t one of the major delights of the table although it was fresh and light in flavor. The key to these dishes were that each were beautifully presented and the flavors were clean and the food was fresh.

Although the prices may appear high the quality of the food and the establishment itself makes it worth the price. This place is especially nice for dates, special occasions or a girls night out at the bar with some appetizers.

For the cons: This wasn’t my first time at The Living Room, however it was my first time where it wasn’t a special event. On a few occasions this place has held special events that can over crowd the restaurant which doesn’t give you the warm eclectic feel that this place has. The wait staff can be slow or nonexistent during these times. However, given the opportunity to have a dinner party on a regular night this place pulls through pretty well.

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