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_This is one of those places that you can easily miss when you’re out and about the Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks. Make sure you DON’T miss it though. Drive by the Greek restaurants and make your way down to Rusty Bellies, especially if you’re looking for some great seafood.

When you walk into this place you realize how this gem can make you believe that fresh seafood is still out there. It’s on the water and inside you’ll see some history of Tarpon Springs and the restaurant itself. It has a very island/vacation feel to it. Once you’re seated your table will be given a brown paper bag with some amazing hush puppies in it. They are warm and have a sweet and salty flavor to them that is just the thing to get your mouth watering over the menu.

For the times that I’ve gone in here I can’t help but order the fish and chips or the Red Snapper. Since I’m originally from Rhode Island having fish and chips is one of my favorite meals. Knowing the difference between good fish and chips and not so good is usually the thickness of the batter and the freshness of the fish. Both of which are done very well at Rusty Bellies. The Red Snapper is one of my favorite dishes because of the flavor and light coating. I just wish that their portions were a little bigger on this menu item. I’m sure it works out fine for the people eating it within the wrap or sandwich, but I just like to eat the snapper out of it. The Grouper wrap is another great menu item in which they add the tzatziki sauce which is a Greek sauce. With Greek yogurt some seasoning and cucumbers this sauce is fresh and cool tasting. The wrap is a little messy, but all in all great in flavor.

Rusty Bellies does a good job of keeping their prices pretty low and maybe that’s why they’re so busy. Even if you have to wait to be seated it’s worth it if you’re in the mood for seafood. Otherwise there are some mediocre Greek restaurants about a block away.

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