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This place brings me back to the college days. It's a mixture of sports bar and beach bar with both types of patrons. I thought for sure I was going to like this place. It was wide open with large open windows overlooking the street and some hotels where you could get a glimpse of the ocean and sunset. Great decor hanging from the ceilings and lots of televisions to watch the game. It all might sound good, but it wasn't. We came in with a group of six and we sat at the only table that had room for six people and it wasn't cleared yet. No big deal right?! Well it wouldn't be a big deal but we kept trying to get the waitress to come over to clear the table and take our order and she just kept passing us by. There were only maybe 10 people in the whole place and there was no reason for her to ignore us. She finally acknowledged us and said sternly "I will be with you in a sec". Literally... we couldn't even get the whole word "second" out of her because she was so seemingly busy.

Either way, we were celebrating my friends birthday so we tried to stay in good spirits. We ordered some drinks and nachos for the table. DO NOT expect to get a good frozen drink here. We had a couple people order mixed drinks and those were fine, but their frozen drinks could be served to a minor. I am a LIGHT WEIGHT when it comes to adding alcohol to my drinks and I like to enjoy my drinks not be so drunk I forget what they taste like, but this was a joke. The only alcohol in the drink was the splash of color they added to the top. Horrible and expensive!

Everything on the menu was a little pricey, but that's to be expected when you're in a tourist area such as this. The nachos that we ordered weren't anything special just more expensive then normal.

So aside from meeting my friends here for more birthdays or celebrations I plan to stay away from this place. If nothing else I plan on staying away from their frozen drinks and food.

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Jeremy Runo
11/23/2011 2:19pm

Jenni - Hello, my name is Jeremy and I am the owner of The Deck...I sincerely apologize on your experience at The Deck. The service you received is not accpetable to me or my staff. Obviously we dropped the ball. Our daiquiris are made with 3 oz of liq in each 16 oz drink. We can always add an extra pour of liq, but I am going to follow up and make sure the recipes are being followed. I would love the chance to make it up to you and show you how we normally do things and how we normally treat our guests! If you could reply with your email address I would like to send you my cell number so we could arrange for an afternoon or evening at the deck on me to make it up to you. Thank you for the feedback. We appreciate you taking the time.

Jeremy Runo


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