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I usually LOVE Mexican food, but this place was less then mediocre. When Courtnnie and I walked in we were surprised to see how nice everything looked. The seating was along the lines of a Carraba's instead of the standard authentic looking Mexican restaurants. It had a more private feel to the seating which was nice. The wait staff seemed upbeat and eager to please which was also refreshing. Maybe our expectations were set a little higher based on our initial observations of the atmosphere.

When we ordered the queso we asked if it was with meat and cheese and we were told yes, but when it came it was a small cup of cheese that didn't taste any different then velveeta melted down. Then we order burritos and the portion size was much smaller then a typical Mexican restaurant. Portion size isn't a big deal for Courtnnie and I because we can't seem to finish our plates anyway, but to most people they would expect a little more then what we were given. The meat in the burrito and the taco was tasteless. I mean NO FLAVOR at all. I ended up ordering guacamole so I could add it to the burrito for a little more flavor, however the guacamole didn't have any flavor either. It tasted fresh which is good, but it needed some type of seasoning... salt, cilantro or something. Although we finished our plates because we were starving when we walked in, we both felt nauseous by the time we were walking out and it wasn't because we were over stuffed. The food was just lacking everything and I wouldn't go back unless they told me that they hired another chef.

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