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This is a quaint little place in New Port Richey and it's fairly new to the area. It shares the same building as the Ramada off of 19N and it has a beautiful waterfront scenery. When you walk in you're greeted by some authentic decorations and then some random fish murals on the wall. The decorations don't work well with each other, but let's face it we're here to eat. It's very clean and although it was lunch time we were the only ones there. This made us a little nervous about eating here, but we soon forgot how nervous we were when we tasted their amazing iced chai tea. Picture a big glass of melted vanilla ice cream that is the consistency of milk and ice cold. It was so sweet and so delicious you could order it for dessert. It's definitely a one drink maximum or you'll be going home with such a sugar rush it would make the neighbors kids run rampant.

We ended up ordering an order of their spring rolls as an appetizer and their coconut chicken vegetable meal which came with jasmine rice. It makes my mouth water as I say it. The spring rolls were very fresh and the perfect size to be a finger food. The coconut chicken vegetable meal had so much flavor and it tasted wonderful on the light and fluffy jasmine rice. Each bite had a variety of different fresh vegetables ranging from baby eggplant to red peppers and snap peas. Mmmm it was wonderful.

Since we were so full from the meal and the sweet chai tea we ended up not getting a dessert. Next time we plan on starting with dessert and working our way through the meals.

Although the seating is very open it did have a slightly romantic feel. Not upscale romantic, but a middle of the week date night would be perfect. The best time to go would be around sunset since you're on the waterfront from almost any seat in the restaurant. They also have outdoor seating available.

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