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I know sushi isn’t for everyone and it took me years to finally appreciate it. Some days I just crave a good sushi roll and can’t go another second without it. After a long day of yard saling Courtnnie and I decided to try a new restaurant called Grille. One. Nine. It’s a sushi and steak house off of 19 North. This location has been many things, but finally this is something that I can enjoy. I just hope that enough people stop by and check it out because I wouldn’t want to see another restaurant fail at this location.

As you walk in to this very dark and sexy Asian atmosphere you quickly realize you’re in for a treat. The décor will keep your eyes busy for awhile and the cool temperature wakes you up a bit. Everything was very neat and tidy and has a downtown Tampa type feel. This would be a great place for a date night or a birthday party.


Our waitress was Susie and she was very friendly and helpful with explaining the menu and the best served items. Courtnnie and I always share so we decided to get a tempura roll and goyza. Both plates came with a good sized portion. The roll was a specialty roll and normally I’m used to having them served with about 8 pieces. These pieces were cut smaller which is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to cut the roll in half or have a mouthful. There were about 12 or 14 pieces to this roll and it made it very easy to share. My favorite was the goyza though. It came with 5 pieces and it was very fresh and not greasy at all. We ended up clearing our plates and looking at the menu for more. The menu offers 6 desserts and plenty more appetizers which don’t all include raw food. We ended up getting the banana split which we didn’t quite care for. Next time we’re going to try the fried ice cream instead. Yum!

The amount of Asian inspired cooked food on the menu was refreshing for a sushi steakhouse. Most people that I would want to take to dinner with me won’t listen if I say it’s a sushi restaurant. At this restaurant I could easily tell them it’s an Asian steakhouse and they could find many things on the menu.

Definitely check this place out if you get the chance. We went during the day and we were dressed far more casual than normal, but we didn’t feel uncomfortable in the least. This place could go either way, casual or business attire.

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Jessica-Leigh Austin
06/14/2011 10:46am

Sounds great! Think I may have to check this one out :)

06/15/2011 10:10am

why don't you try another restaurant to compare with it. I like Thai samurai in Hwy 54 and lLittle Rd. I will stop by to try grill one nine this week end.


This is a wonderful restaurant and I will visit there for sure. I love non-vegetarian dishes, especially crabs and chicken. I also like seafood. Thanks for sharing this with us and keep posting more updates regarding this in your blog.


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